Goat Mountain serves Pateros, Brewster and Methow

The red and yellow areas show approximate coverage. Click on the image for a larger view.

If you are having reception issues and need help, please contact our technician.

Available Channels:
2.1 KREM (CBS, SD)
4.1 KXLY (ABC, SD)
6.1 KHQ (NBC, HD and SD)
7.2 KSPS World (PBS, SD)
7.3 KSPS Create (PBS, SD)
7.4 KSPS Kids (PBS, SD)
28.1 KAYU (FOX, HD)
28.2 KAYU “Antenna TV” (FOX, SD)
(Note: SD = Standard Definition, HD = High Definition)

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If you are having reception issues, go to our troubleshooting page.